Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs By Using Bed Bug Spray And Other Popular Products

Bed Bug Trap

Many people think that only insecticides and sprays that can effectively get rid of bed bugs. There are other less hazardous ways of getting rid of these pests. Many people now use a bed bug trap to kill these little pests.

These little suckers are evil and can hide effectively in corners, mattresses and furniture. Bed bugs only come out at night so to effectively lure them out into the open you must search for them during the day to see where they are hiding.

Once you discover the pests hide-out, set your alarm clock at night. The most effective hour would be 3am when they are most active. Then by the use of a napkin, and flashlight grab the bed bug and place it in a bottle. Soak them in gasoline to ensure that the pests are effectively killed.

Another effective bed bug trap that you can use is a double-sided tape. By searching for their eggs at daytime you will be able to detect where they are hiding. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to get rid of these warm-blooded creatures. Of course just to make sure that you get all of them you may use a double-sided tape and attach it on all four legs of the bed. Bugs will stick to tape in attempting to climb up.

In using this tactic, you are going to need lots of patience. A bed bug trap is non-toxic but it requires determinations, time and effort on your part. Enjoy bed bug hunting and make your home free from these irritating pests!

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