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Bed Bugs And Cold Weather

Bedbugs Bizarre Mating Behavior

On world wide web for information last week an article on the reproductive life of the attention. There are some errors in the newspaper article but the original facts were interesting enough. Could it be at long last our trusty enemy can actually contribute some good value to society?

Bedbugs thrive thanks to our busy lifestyles in warm heated homes and what is fascinating is that the females have developed immune structures inside their bodies, because of the violent sexual techniques used by the males, which are equipped with needle-like penises that they wield like knifes . Instead of availing themselves of the female reproductive organs the male bedbugs simply stab the females in the abdomen and inject semen directly into the abdominal cavity. The semen travels through the female’s body to fertilise her .

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Females suffer a much higher death rate than males because of infections introduced into the wounds during this violent mating. Females mate only after feeding with blood as they are so engorged, their abdomens having swelled by up to 30 per cent, that they cannot escape. This is a bizarre reproductive system and is so extreme it seems to have only developed once. Bedbugs look like small brown moving dots and often live in dirty spaces, often crawling through feces.

However remember they can also live in very clean houses as well. Lifestyle is no barrier to bedbugs . Males and females Bed Bugs And Cold Weatherare covered in bacteria and fungi and the males introduce these germs into the female when they mate. The higher female death rate isn’t caused by the wounding, it’s the pathogens. Females have responded to this by developing a whole new immune structure to help protect them against infections introduced by this unusual sexual behavior.

This individual structure could help in the battle against malaria which is on the increase worldwide due to global warming. This organ forms a reservoir of white blood cells (which killinfection acting as a first line of defence against potential sexually transmitted infections. This unique structure has developed over the primary area penetrated by the mail bedbu during sex.

Immune structures like this are found nowhere else in the animal kingdom and their discovery should eventually assist scientists to develop new techniques to avoid mosquitoes passing malaria and other fatal diseases to humans .

Professor Mike Siva-Jothy, of the University of Sheffield, was one of the main scientists involved in the discovery of the structure , which he said will allow researchers to study a unique form of insect immune systems. In other insects immunity is spread throughout the body. ‘It’s important for understanding how insects fight disease .

This may well lead to some exciting discoveries in the future, however some perspective needs to be brought to the table as was commented on various sites on the internet. Remember that when you think about this in detail the only trouble with even engineering such a solution is that it would be necessary first to manipulate some malaria mosquitoes (Anopheles) to have a similar immune structure (rocket science at best at the present time). Vaccinating mosquitoes? And then the little matter of breeding and replacing all malaria-carrying mosquitoes on the planet with them. If we could replace whole populations of mosquitoes in the wild like that, we would have eradicated malaria long ago!

Malaria is caused by a single-celled organism , Plasmodium, with an incredibly intricate life cycle. A tiny part of this life cycle takes place in the mosquito. Bed bug females are, after their rape, threatened mainly by bacteria and fungi, very simple organisms by comparison with Plasmodium. Of course any information the scientists can provide is interesting, but it has all been hyped and conclusions jumped to just a little too much here. However I did still find the report fascinating and will keep this research under the microscope over the years ahead and make sure banish bed bugs is aware of any further advances.

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