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Bed Bugs Infestation In New York

Travelers and holidaymakers alike are warned. The friendliest inhabitants of New York may not be its people, but the blood-sucking bed bugs that have taken to lurking in the city’s beddings.

The Big Apple is under attack by an extensive bed bug New York infestation that has assaulted the city and the problem has become so prevalent that a battle plan against these bed bugs has been launched in order to heal with the little critters.

These parasitic creatures were usually linked with poverty-stricken households during the early 20th century. In these modern times, they are have now invaded the clothing stores, theaters, office buildings and even the posh hotels all over the United States.

In the latest surveys, it is said that one out of 15 New Yorkers has to deal with bed bugs in the previous year and the insect have rapidly multiplied in a lot of other cities in the US during the recent years. A 57% increase in calls has been noted by the National Pest Management Association over the past 5 years for bed bug infestations. Meanwhile, a lot of people still don’t recognize an infestation even if they are harboring bed bugs into their own homes.

Bed Bugs Infestation In New York

People who harbor bed bugs into their houses usually don’t get to see them. The telltale indications are bites which usually look as tiny red skin bumps, bed bug excrements, which appear like black pepper and blood spots on bed sheets.

The bed bug bites may result to small lesions and itching but they are not known to spread illnesses or diseases. These blood-sucking parasites are also known for being too hard to eliminate, and survive for over a year even without nourishment.

An entomologist working for the Cornell University and a member of the New York City Bed Bug Advisory Board, by the name of Dr. Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann, has already spoke with the members of the media to discuss more about the battle against bed bug New York infestation. According to the specialist, bed bugs may be found thriving just about anywhere. It could be in hospitals, offices, stores, nursing homes, movie theaters, taxi cabs, child care facilities and of course, our own homes.

A 20-page document was published by the Advisory Board; it outlines different suggestions for the management of bed bug New York infestations.

In addition to this, a recent law has gone into implementation which requires landlords to give written bed bug information to their tenants upon signing of the lease and renewal. The City Council of New York has recently provided the Department of Health with half a million dollars to effectively deal with the problem of bed bugs in the city.

The said amount of money will be utilized to develop protocols for landlords and tenants, training for inspectors as well as to put up a one stop bed bug online portal available for the public. According to experts, the primary key to prevent the infestation of bed bugs is through education and the first step to this is to know what these blood-sucking parasites look like.

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