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This Is One Thing You Definitely Don’t Want To Find When You Travel!

Bed Bugs Hotel Hourly

Modern travel often involves movement across several countries or continents to faraway places you see on TV or read about in books. Exotic destinations are as near as the airport.

Unfortunately, the smaller the world becomes with faster flights and more airports, the greater the increase of a common pest that NOBODY wants to encounter: bedbugs! This is not just a plague of third-world nations. Bedbugs can hang onto clothing or crawl into luggage. They then transfer quite easily to other luggage or airplane seats.

Even the cleanest of hotels, chain stores, and hospital emergency wards can fall prey to these tiny blood-sucking vampires. Bedbugs may lay dormant without food for more than a year. A delivery van that has been used to transport contaminated carpeting or bedding provides safe haven. The bedbugs find dark crevices to hide in until they take over their new quarters in the next cargo shipment.

By nature nocturnal, bedbugs are hard to locate during daylight hours. You may find them under pillows, in box-spring seams, behind headboards, in furniture, inside curtain folds, in dark carpeted corners, and under area rugs.

Because of their longevity, even a secluded cabin in the woods can provide a good home for these pests – and species that normally prey on animals such as birds, bats, and squirrels will gladly switch to human flesh if the opportunity presents itself.

Clean accommodations are less likely to be contaminated by bedbug infestations. However, you don’t know by casual glance that your hotel is pest-free. Before staying in a room, check pillowcases, sheets, and bedding for rust-colored stains, black or reddish dots, or actual bugs. The staining may be caused by blood-engorged bug bodies – crushed as previous occupants rolled over in bed. The black or reddish dots are bedbug excrement.

If you see anything that appears dubious, demand a new room or move to another hotel. As an extra precaution, you may wish to pack large lawn-leaf garbage bags. When you settle into your room, place your luggage inside the bags. This makes it more difficult for bugs to migrate into your personal belongings.

A trip to Google before you travel will show you what these nasty little creatures look like. Click on the ‘Images’ search option, type ‘bedbug’ into the search bar, and you will find over 2000 images.

It is generally accepted that bedbugs are not serious disease carriers – although more research is being done on this point. However, they inject an anesthetizing agent when they bite. Many people are slightly allergic to the substance, and develop itchy red bumps. It would not be unusual to wake up in the morning with dozens of puffy bites.

If you are unfortunate enough to encounter an infestation, take extra care when you return home. Apply bed bugs spray and spray all suitcases and contents with a commercial bedbug preparation – there are environmentally-safe, non-toxic enzyme sprays available. Diligently vacuum everything, and then dispose of the used vacuum bags. Launder all clothing after the time-interval specified by the spray. If you carry a couple of bedbugs into your house or apartment, you could cause a massive infestation that costs you hundreds of dollars in extermination fees.

It is important to recognize bed bugs when you see them – but don’t be paranoid! Enjoy your vacation, knowing that you will be able to identify an infestation before it becomes a major problem.

Glenwood Springs Hotel And Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Hotel Hourly
I know hotels have bed bugs, they will never admit it to anyone. This Travel Save Bed Bug Spray which is basically Kleen Free Naturally in an ailine safe carry on bottle does help me keep my piece of mind when me or my family are in a hotel.

Glenwood Springs Hotel And Bed Bugs
I was relieved to leave unscathed from our bed-bug infested hostel in Mendoza. One of the girls in the hostel got bitten two hundred and eighty one times and many others in the hostel were eaten.

Bed Bug Travel Tips fef Bed Bug Solutions
Encasing your mattress and box spring will prevent them from infestation in case you bring bed bugs back with you. The bite proof Bug Lock encasement from Protect-A-Bed is ideal for the prevention of mattress.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite
These are caused by their nasty excrement as well as blood from crushed bed bugs you may have killed rolling over. While you only need to check your house rarely, you should definitely check your bed if you are traveling and staying in a hotel.

Bedbugs back at British hotels
According to a new survey, bedbugs are bothering guests at hotels across Britain, as evidenced by the number of complaints lodged. Bedbugs are bloodsucking insects that travel around in luggage and on clothing and biting people. 

bed bugs can be found in clean hotels too
I always use it to choose hotels when I travel (and I am not just avoiding those with bed bug reports, either, but also looking for a room that’s convenient, reasonably-priced, and hopefully with a little something extra).

Bring Home Memories Not Bed Bugs
The National Pest Management Association reminds travelers of the risk of bringing home bed bugs from their spring outings. The association has noted a 71 percent increase in reports of these pests since 2001. … "Hit the Road" gives you a chance to talk about where you’re going, where you’ve been and the luggage that got lost along the way.

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