Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs By Using Bed Bug Spray And Other Popular Products

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs Eggs

Everything has to start small. Even the smallest of insects must have to come from something tinier. In the case of bed bugs, this origin would have to be the bed bug eggs. What may look like a harmless bunch of specks may contain the next generation of bugs that can ruin a good night’s sleep.

It would therefore be helpful if one could identify these eggs as it would be easier to eradicate them at this immobile stage. To do this, an adequate knowledge on how bed bug eggs look like and where they are commonly found is necessary.

A bed bug undergoes six life stages and it is at the egg stage when it is easiest to get rid of them. These eggs are normally hidden in secluded spots where they are safer from prying eyes. An adult female bed bug can lay 200 hours in its lifetime.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs EggsThis means that in about a day, a female bed bug can lay one to 5 eggs. It takes about ten days to hatch these eggs. However, if they are located in a colder area, incubation may take longer. These eggs are so tiny that they sometimes appear to be like dust specks.

Despite their very tiny size, bed bug eggs are still able to adhere to surfaces due to the sticky substance which they are coated in. Often these eggs are found in clusters but in some cases, a solitary egg could also be found around the house. It is whitish in appearance and slightly oval and elongated.

If finding and killing bed bugs are already difficult enough challenges in themselves, locating and eradicating their eggs is trickier. Patience is vital when hunting down the eggs. Since the eggs are really small, one must use a magnifying glass and a flashlight as well. Simple vacuuming of visible surfaces is not effective because the eggs are capable of adhering to the surface where they’re laid. In addition to that, eggs are often found on spots which are not easily accessible to vacuum cleaners.

The methods used for killing bed bug eggs are similar to those employed for the bed bugs themselves. The easiest and perhaps the most effective way is by using insecticide sprays. A safer option would be to utilize organic bed bug sprays instead of the typical insecticide-based bed bug sprays. The eggs are highly susceptible to these chemicals making them an easy target. Washing and drying clothes is also an effective measure.

These steps should be coupled with heat treatment to ensure greater efficacy. Should heat be unavailable, eggs could also be eliminated by freezing. Freezing temperatures can kill eggs in 5-10 days. This effect can also be achieved through the use of freezing sprays like carbon dioxide sprays.

Because of their size and appearance, bed bug eggs are oftentimes overlooked. Homeowners who have done everything to remove bed bugs and still end up infested a few days after may have forgotten the existence of these eggs. Getting to the root of the problem involves getting to know these eggs. The troubles that could come from these smallest of packages should never be underestimated.

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