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How Do You Get Bed Bugs

Preventing Bed Bug Invasions

Despite the countless measures and the heaps of money spent on making sure that a house is bug free, homeowners often find themselves still unable to sleep at night due to bed bugs. The emergence of bed bugs is almost, always sudden and unannounced. Whether a dwelling is as untidy as a garbage dump or as pristine as an operating room is not an issue since bed bugs are known to thrive in even the most spotless of places. How do you get bed bugs then?

Bed bugs are very resilient and this quality compensates greatly for their inability to fly. By hitching rides among luggage and clothing of unsuspecting travelers, bed bugs can travel literally across the globe. This explains why even first-rate hotels, despite their strict standards for cleanliness, are not completely protected against bed bug infestation. Once a bed bug has access to a house, hotel or any building for that matter, it becomes unstoppable.

Conversely, hotel rooms and motels can also be a source of invasion. Unwary tourists may already be harboring bed bugs on their luggage and clothes, which will be a cause for bed bug propagation in their homes.

How Do You Get Bed BugsPurchasing second-hand furniture especially used beds, couches and sofas is another direct source of bed bugs. People may think that they’ve struck a great deal upon purchase of second-hand goods but in reality, there are strings attached to these dealings. Bed bugs can stay in hiding for a long time and springing them back to life is not difficult as long as there is enough food for them.

Because of their small size and their capacity to squeeze into the smallest crevices, detecting them before further proliferation can be very difficult. Utmost caution is therefore needed to safeguard homes from this parasite. Constantly asking “How do you get bed bugs?” would be helpful in avoiding the potential dilemmas that bed bugs can give. There are several precautionary measures that can be observed by homeowners, hotel service staff and travelers to defend themselves from bed bugs.

Vigilance is very crucial when it comes to preventing infestations. Great care should be taken when deciding to purchase used furniture. It would be very sensible to avoid those shops which appear vulnerable to bed bug attacks. Items like sofas, couches and beds should be thoroughly inspected before purchasing. It is advisable to wash and dry these items thoroughly before bringing them inside the house. Clothes worn during a trip or a visit to a probable bug-infested location should be washed right away as these may also be mediums of transfer for these pests. Items of clothing worn on trips and hotel rooms should never be left lying around the house.

When checking-in in hotels, be sure to look around and check the room, paying particular attention to areas near the bed. It is not wise to place luggage on the floor especially on carpeted ones. If bed bug infestation is already a possibility, prompt actions should be taken right away while the invasion is still manageable.

Preventing a problem is always a better option than curing it. The same holds true for avoiding bed bugs in homes. The question should not be how you should get rid of them but how do you get bed bugs and how can you avoid it from happening. A dose of vigilance will surely go a long way.

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