Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs By Using Bed Bug Spray And Other Popular Products

How To Prepare For Bedbug Treatment

After near eradication by DDT-based insecticides in the 1950s, bed bugs are rising.

How To Prepare For Bedbug Treatment

A worldwide scourge thru human history, bed bugs, fleas and lice used to be regular nightly bedmates. Your grandma’s bedtime mantra — "Sleep tight ; do not let the bed bugs bite!" – was rooted in the actuality of pre-World War II life when bed bugs were usually found in beds across the U.S. In the 1930s, folks wallpapered their bedrooms with arsenic-laced wallpaper to kill bed bugs. Metal bed frames, considered less sure to bay bed bugs, were the rage. Biannually bedsteads were absolutely dismantled and scrubbed to keep bed bugs in check.

Till the insect-killing properties of DDT were discovered during World War Two, no effective insecticide existed to exterminate bed bugs.

Development of DDT-based pesticides after the war authorized America and most industrialized states to stamp out bed bugs. Discovery of DDT’s cancer risk to humans and deadly threat to wildlife led on to its banning in the early 1970s. By the mid-1990s, reports of bed bug infestations started to surface in the U.S, Canada, Australia and Western Europe. With no lethally effective insecticide available, bed bugs have multiplied and spread. "Since the mid-1990s, numbers of reported infestations have just about doubled annually," announced Clive Boase, writer of a bed bug study released by the Institute of Biology in London. Bed bug infestations in London have risen tenfold since 1996, Boase reported. According to State Geographic Stories , bed bug complaints to bug elimination corporations increased 700% in Australia between 2k and 2004 and 500% in the U.S. While these figures appear startling, remember that if a pest controller received 2 bed bugs calls in two thousand, an increase of 500% would equal 10 calls in 2004, not really the "invasion" trumpeted in news bulletins.

Bed Bug Home Remedies

Still, last year bed bug infestations were reported in each state in the U.S, and reports are increasing exponentially yearly. "This is a heavy issue," Potter latterly told the NY Times. "This will be the pest of the 21st century." Scientists haven’t pinned down a single cause for the bed bug expansion, but cite a mix of factors, including the increased ease of global travel, shortage of powerful pesticides, and discovery of pesticide-resistant bed bugs. The size of an apple seed, these wingless insects are nightly, hiding in little cracks and crevices on mattresses and near beds, and coming out at night to eat human blood. Females generally lay five hundred eggs during their six- to 12-month lifespan. Eggs hatch in 4 to twelve days, and larva start to feed, reaching adult standing in roughly a month. Three or more generations can be produced in a year. Some bed bugs can end up in a major infestation in just a short while. Simply transported, bed bugs frequently enter a home on baggage, clothing or used or rental furniture.

They spread thru multi-unit properties like terraces and hostels thru air channels, electric and plumbing passages and wall voids. NY City recently launched an education campaign when heavy bed bug infestations in the immigrant community were linked to the sale of infested secondhand mattresses. For people that really do have bed bugs, the experience can be dire.

Bites leave red, itchy sores that may bedevil bed bug victims.

While scientists assure us that bed bugs are just a nuisance pest and don’t broadcast sicknesses, the concept of being nibbled on while they sleep will send many victims hollering from their beds. "It’s hideous. They are feeding on your folks, your skin ; their main meal is a human body," a horrified Atlantic Beach bed bug victim told NBC twelve First Coast Stories in Jacksonville, Florida. She announced her two-year-old would wake up crying from the bites. Shannon ( who declined to give her last name ) spent hours shuttling her welt-covered kids to different doctors before an entomologist properly diagnosed the difficulty as bed bugs. In a standard reaction, Shannon threw out mattresses, beds, settees and linens. Then she tried to kill them with bed bugs spray insecticide but nothing worked. She moved her folks out and employed a bug elimination company to "tent" and fumigate their home. New technologies like Cryonite which freezes and kills bugs and eggs using non-toxic CO2 vapor can be applied without going to such extremes.

But when bed bugs bite, the general public panic. They do not care whether there is a bed bug invasion sweeping America or not. One bug in their bed is one too many.

Employer's Right To Send Home Employee With Bedbugs

How To Prepare For Bedbug Treatment
If you think you have encountered bed bugs during your summer travels, don’t delay; contact a licensed pest control specialist today. Bed bugs will multiply quickly and can be a tricky pest to get rid of.

Employer’s Right To Send Home Employee With Bedbugs
silica crystal gel cat litter makes a cheap powder to kill bedbugs. You don’t need anything else. Bedbugs are easy to kill because they MUST come to your bed.

How Do Bed Bugs Help Us
If renting contact property manager or landlord. Generally they are legally required to contact a licensed pest control operator. Although dead bed bugs, cast bug skins and blood spots may indicate an infestation occurred previously.

Protect Your Bed
Protect-Your Bed offers premium mattress encasements in sizes ranging from crib to California King. Each cover features a three sided zipper so that the mattress and box spring can be completely sealed. No bed bugs in, no bed bugs out.

Bed Bug Central TV
Bed Bug Central always recommends that you hire a knowledgeable pest control professional to assist you in your bed bug control efforts. This “Do It Yourself” or “DIY” series of videos is intended to provide people who can’t afford to.

To Deal With Bed Bugs
We came across this video and couldn’t believe the negligence that this landlord has expressed toward his customers. Bed bugs and mold seem to be the issue.

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