Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs By Using Bed Bug Spray And Other Popular Products

Kill Bed Bugs With Bed Bugs Spray

Many years ago bedbugs were common in many households. The rounded edges of mattresses made a perfect place for them to nest. For a time they were practically eradicated but are now back in full force.

They feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals and humans and are common in areas where people sleep, mainly in beds. When one finds evidence of them it is time to get the best bed bugs killer spray on the market.

It is thought that this resurgent of bed bugs may have been encouraged by the many homeless people who sleep in makeshift beds. However, they have once again become common in regular houses, hotels and any place where there are humans or animals. If found every effort should be made to eradicate them before they have a chance to expand into the surrounding areas.

Bed bugs carry a number of diseases but there is no evidence that they are capable of biting a person with a disease and transmitting it by biting another. However, their bite, which releases saliva, produces a red and inflamed area that it can cause a type of shock in some people. Constant sucking of the blood, if done over a long length of time can also lead to anemia.

Kill Bed Bugs

Hotels have to be especially careful of bedbug infestation. With their many guests, constant hygiene is necessary to be certain that they do not appear in their beds, carpeting or furniture. They can travel along boards or in traveler’s luggage, books or other items. They can also be in cars, vans and other forms of transportation. They then attach to a person’s clothing and are carried to a new location.

The presence of the bugs can often be detected by small blood stains, black spots or other stains that are out of the ordinary. Most certainly, if one gets a bite it would indicate their presence. If they are nesting in a wall, electrical socket or some similar place their location may be difficult to find.

At one time DDT was used to eradicate them but they have developed an immunity to this type of pesticide. A large variety of other methods to eliminate this bug have been tried over the years from black pepper to steam. These have proved ineffective.

They are not attracted to baits so things one would use to control many household pests will not work. Bed bug dust or residual sprays are the most common methods used today. The sprays are preferred as they can be adjusted to a mist which can easily go into any spaces where the bugs might be.

Some of the bed bug sprays come in concentrated form and are mixed with water which one then puts in a spray container. The aerosol sprays are very good as they have a variety of tips which can direct the contents to specific areas. Since the bugs can be anywhere this would be handy if trying to spray some crevices, bed frames or other places.

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