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Old Home Remedies For Bed Bugs

What to Do When the Bed bugs Start to Bite?

Bedbugs are small, almost invisible insects, frequently found bunking in beds, mattresses, pillows and sofas. Often they turn a supposedly dream-filled night into a waking nightmare with their exasperating bites. They are considered a parasitic family of insects mainly feeding on the blood of warm-blooded animals.

Unfortunately for humans, bed bugs prefer human blood greatly. They spend the day hidden in linens, clothes, mattresses and they remain relatively inactive until late at night when their feasting promptly begins.

Co-inhabiting with these bugs may not be as risky to the health as other parasites since transmission of diseases from bed bugs to humans are highly improbable. However, tolerating their presence and suffering their bites is another story. The effect of being bitten by bed bugs may range from the simple manifestation of skin rashes, to the more severe psychological effects and at rare instances, lethal allergic reactions.

Old Home Remedies For Bed BugsSince complete eradication of the pest is somewhat unlikely, knowing even the simplest old home remedies for bed bugs is a must. One of the simplest methods to control bed bug infestation in the home is to wash linens, pillows and clothes in a thermal setting high enough to kill the insects.

A temperature of about 120 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be enough to remove inhabiting bed bugs in washable household items. Subsequent drying of the clothes at temperatures similar to the washing temperature is also an effective measure against bed bug infestation. A drying cycle lasting for at least 20 minutes should be enough to make sure that the bedbugs have been eradicated. If a dryer or a washing machine is not available, drying the items in direct sunlight will also suffice as long as the temperature reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another of the most simple old home remedies for bed bugs is to spray rubbing alcohol on any area believed to hold a thriving population of bed bugs. This may not be one hundred effective but it is definitely one quick fix since it can instantly kill the bed bugs it comes into contact with. A safer option would be to use fruit and vegetable-based insecticides or those that contain pyrethrins or canola oil.

For those who are not comfortable with using chemical remedies, mattress covers which are able to seal off the mattress entirely can be used to prevent the escape or the entrance of bed bugs. Such covers are also available for pillows. Encasing the mattresses and pillows in the covers for a year can ensure that the trapped bed bugs are completely killed. However, for this method to be successful the bed should be far from the wall and the owner should place double sided duct tape on the legs of the bed to make sure that no crawling bugs can come in contact with the bed. Also, the bed should be free from items hanging off the bed to the floor since these can serve as passages for the bed bugs.

Bed bugs can live almost anywhere as long as there is fresh human blood to feed on. Complete eradication may be difficult to do alone but there will always be old home remedies for bed bugs which can provide comfort to homeowners amidst the bed bug’s often irritating and troublesome presence.

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