Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs By Using Bed Bug Spray And Other Popular Products

Symptoms Of Bed Bug Bites And Pictures

Sleep Tight… Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite!

You may not know it but the hotel room you just checked in to may be infested with bedbugs. Bedbug infestations are currently growing in vast numbers across the world.

Symptoms Of Bed Bug Bites And Pictures
Although believed by some to be only a myth, bed bugs are real. Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of humans or animals. These bugs get their name because they are typically found in mattresses and bedding. They range in color from off-white to brown and to a rusty red after feeding. They usually feed at night while people are sleeping and can live for 10-12 months without feeding again.

Where can you find bedbugs?

Bedbugs reside all over the world. Bedbugs are most often found in places where large numbers of people come and go such as in hotels, motels, hostels, and shelters. They can also be found in apartment complexes and in residential homes.

Because bedbugs are small and flat, they can hide in small crevices like the seams of mattresses, head boards, floor boards, garbage, and carpet. They can travel easily and quickly along pipes and boards. They can come into your house on boxes, clothing, luggage, furniture, and other objects.

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

How do you know if you are a mid-night snack for bed bugs? The first sign of bedbugs may be found on the skin. After feeding, bedbugs leave red bites on the skin which can be very itchy, like mosquitoes bites. Bedbug bites however, are usually found in a straight row rather than in different areas like other insects.

Other signs of bedbugs include:

The insect which can be found in the seams of the mattress.
Tiny bloodstains on sheets and mattresses.
Dark spots of insect waste
There may also be a sweet odor left by the bugs where they are found in large numbers. This scent however shouldn’t be relied on though because the odor may not always be apparent.

Can Bedbugs Spread Disease?

When bedbugs feed and draw blood from the human or animal, they subsequently inject a small amount of their saliva into the skin. For people who may have repeated exposure to bed bug bites, they may cause them to become sensitized to the saliva. Moreover, bites may then result in mild to intense allergic responses. However, there are no reports which indicate that bed bugs transmit any infectious agents or diseases.

How do I treat Bedbug Bites?

Because the bedbug bites can resemble those from other insects like fleas or mosquitoes, a Physician should be consulted to rule out other causes for the lesions and to offer the proper treatment, as needed. Bedbug bites are usually treated with antihistamines and corticosteroids prescribed by a Physician. The affected person should resist the urge to scratch the bites, as this may intensify the irritation and itching, and may lead to secondary infection.

How do you get rid of bedbugs?

To get rid of bedbugs and to ensure that they stay away, be sure to do the following:

Get rid of any mattresses, head boards, box springs, and furniture that have bedbugs.
Wash, clean, or vacuum all bedding and furniture. Keep in mind that bugs can also hide in wooden doors or floors.
Wash clothes and bedding in hot water, and dry them with the hot cycle of the clothes dryer.
Bed bugs spray insecticide can be used in cracks in floors or bed frames where you think bugs could hide. Read and carefully follow directions for using any insecticide.
Remove debris, such as wood and paper trash piles, where these bugs may hide.
What can I do when traveling to prevent transporting bedbugs with me?

When traveling, it may be difficult to know if you are encountering bedbugs. Some tips to keep in mind are:

Bed Bugs And Cold Weather

When in a hotel room, keep luggage closed and off of the floor.
When traveling, be sure to check your luggage, boxes, pillows, and packages that are being transported as the bugs can travel with you on the packages. Clothing should be washed thoroughly in hot water to kill bugs and their eggs before or as soon as these items are brought back into your home. Suitcases should be carefully inspected, scrubbed and or vacuumed.
If you do happen to travel with bedbugs, leaving luggage or packages enclosed for several hours in the sun may render the items bug free.
When the bugs are gone, be sure to keep your house and bedding clean to prevent the bugs from coming back.

If you cannot get rid of the bedbugs yourself, you can call an insect control company for treatment choices.

Be sure to always consult a Physician for medical concerns.

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Symptoms Of Bed Bug Bites And Pictures
Of all the beasties I have had to deal with, Bedbugs have got to be the most disgusting. I despise the little things! There are many species of Bedbug but this article will deal with the Common Bedbug (Cimex lectularius).

Dogs That Can Help Prevent Bed Bugs
In continuation from last Friday… Bed bugs are nocturnal and are masters at hiding. Nothing is off limits to them. I always pick up the telephone to call exterminators.

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To effectively handle an infestation of bed bugs you must recognize the signs of bed bugs: how to locate them and what to do when you locate them. In order to make bed bug removal as simple as possible certain steps have to be done.

Eliminating Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are nastily making a comeback and are increasingly causing nuisance to families in their homes. That is why it is important that people are made aware of what they are dealing with and how they can safely manage it.

Bed Bugs!
Being nocturnal, bed bugs can lurk behind baseboards, in floor cracks, or under carpeting and loose wallpaper so you may not know you have them initially. A telltale sign of their presence is a sweet, unpleasant smell.

Bedbugs in my Sofa and furniture
One question I get is can bed bugs live or bite on or in a sofa or other furniture? The short answer is yes they can. Bedbugs will hide and nest in anything. Was that clear enough.

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