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What Do Bedbugs Look Like

Fighting the Unseen Enemy: A Closer Look at Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been uninvited guests and unwanted roommates for as long as their existence. Their presence has always been felt by the rashes and the itchiness that manifest after a vicious bite but in reality, not everyone can recognize this irksome creature that easily.

Anyone can easily ascertain a bed bug’s presence once it starts biting but only a few can detect its existence visually. This truth stems mainly from the fact that bed bugs are perhaps one of the tiniest insects around. In addition to that, bed bugs are more active at night making them more difficult to locate much less identify. More importantly, only a certain number of the population have the slightest inkling on as to what do bedbugs look like.

So what do bed bugs look like? Adult bed bugs are oval and flat in appearance. They typically have a reddish brown coloration but their color changes to a darker red hue after a full meal of blood. Also, their body takes on a rounder shape after feeding. Younger bed bugs, also called nymphs, have a lighter, almost translucent color but this gradually changes as maturation progresses. These qualities make it difficult to spot a bed bug especially at night when everything is dimmer. Its color unintentionally masks the insect making it a very effective feeder especially at nighttime. With respect to size, a typical adult bed bug can grow to a length of 4-5 millimeters and a width of 1.5-3 millimeters. You can check out an article and several pictures of developing stages of bedbugs at Wikipedia.

What Do Bedbugs Look Like

A bed bug’s anatomy is designed in such a way that it is able to pierce through human skin despite its small size and very fragile appearance. Because of their bloodsucking nature, it is vital for bed bugs to possess a feeding apparatus that is capable of gathering blood effectively. For this purpose, a bed bug uses two hollow feeding tubes which can pierce through skin. These tubes are similar in appearance to tongues. These tubes work in such a way that one is responsible for injecting the insect’s saliva while the other is responsible for drawing out the blood from the host. These parts however are not readily visible to the naked eye.

Unlike the other commonly known insects, bed bugs are a little different because of their winglessness. It follows that they are not capable of flight but this doesn’t hinder them from getting around. In fact they are quite adept at moving around; hiding and preying on unknowing victims. They are also characterized by the banded patterns seen on their bodies. This is attributed to the presence of microscopic hairs all over the bed bugs which gives the bed bugs their distinct bands.

Bed bugs can often be mistaken as their other bloodsucking relatives like booklice, bat bugs and sometimes even fleas. And chances are people will feel their bites first before they are able to identify them right on. Knowing what do bed bugs look like is still important though especially if eradicating them is the main goal. Knowing what they look like will help in knowing those tell tale signs which can warn homeowners of possible bed bug infestation. As with everything, awareness is always the key.

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